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Will Copps is an audio-visual artist and musician known for his interactive installations, atmospheric music, and signature "pixel painting" visual style. Copps creates both standalone audio-visual pieces and custom-coded generative installations that spectators interact with through SONAR detection in museum and gallery spaces. The generative path of each installation is permanently altered by the interaction of each spectator.

Copps' visual style comes from turning video pixels into small digital paintbrushes. The manipulation of these pixels as the video continues its motion results in high-definition abstract digital works. Depending on the piece, this manipulation is done by the artist using controllers in his studio or by the piece sensing a viewer's position, physical attributes, or time of interaction in exhibit spaces.

Copps is the Communications Manager at, a non-profit website for sharing and remixing video clips for VJs. He is also one-half of the rock band Wall of Trophies.

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