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GameSoundCon 2018

October 14th, 2018

Not only got to attend my first GameSoundCon last week, but I had the incredible opportunity to speak on spatial sound applications for game design and augmented reality development! And what a week.

The conference was divided into about six different tracks at the Millenium Biltmore hotel in LA–which I’ll give a hearty “meh” review to for the rooms but had great conference spaces. [Side note: don’t bus from LAX to Union Station then walk through downtown LA at night. It is not, not not, not worth it.] I bounced around among the tracks, but spent most of my time focused on the VR/AR/MR audio talks. There are some incredible ideas floating around out there–many of which I hope to use for Year One and subsequent AR music work.

I got more exposure to Wwise than I could’ve imagined, got to test out some incredible Microsoft spatialization tech, and most importantly met an incredible amount of wonderful people (including losing my mind sitting next to Marty O’Donnell for an hour…) It was nice to meet so many people in the industry and build out partnerships for future work… I’ll refrain from mentioning folks by name here but suffice to say I am beyond excited to be working with some of these people and I’m already diving in on some new projects that have some real potential to be awesome! Life can just be nuts some times.

A huge thank you in particular to Brian Schmidt (GameSoundCon), Linda Gedemer (Source Sound VR), and Sally Kellaway (Microsoft Mixed Reality at Work) for inviting me to speak this year. If anyone is looking for my practical tips for spatial audio–or wants to hear more about my development experiences–please e-mail me here at

More info on my spatial sound apps, how-to guides, download links and more, as always, on the TCW page.

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September 26th, 2017

No posts in a while! Maybe in part to having a new little guy, but mostly because I’m working hard on Wall of Trophies and a couple projects I can’t discuss at the moment. Rest assured there’s a lot coming! Here’s a shot from our Wall of Trophies a/v set with 5j Barrow and Seth Glier last week in downtown D.C.


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New Remix

October 16th, 2016


We (Wall of Trophies) remixed our pals Astra Via and layered some Wall of Trophies on top. Hope you enjoy the mashup.


New Single – Rush/Release

August 4th, 2016

I’ve always loved three core parts of the “electronic” music scene: 1) lush forests of sounds to become eternally lost in; 2) hypnotic rhythms that drive your brain to new scenery; and 3) bright melodic work that sings throughout a composition and lifts your spirits. I certainly won’t claim to be the first to key on those ingredients, or the first to try to put them together. However, as I’ve recently gotten more and more practice at realizing them, I think I have accomplished something–finding a trichotomy that sounds, well… like me. For years, I’ve wondered what to do with my solo tracks–a dilemma that has found scores of them sitting eternally unreleased on my hard drive; but finally, now, I’m on a tear of songs that I’m excited to release.

With that, I share my first release under my own name–two quick tracks I hope you’ll enjoy. I release these with no cost, no set designs and no aspirations–but I certainly look forward to any feedback (if you’d like them on iTunes or Spotify for ease of access, for instance, I will work toward it). For now, stream and download them here–and, if they remind you of someone, I ask that you please pass along the link and share my sincere thanks for giving them a moment of your time.

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Under (Literal) Construction

July 9th, 2016

Building out my personal studio while my equipment continues its aquatic adventure over.

Also got a laptop and am continuing to work on musicĀ (and a new A/V project…)

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Coming Home

April 22nd, 2016

Two months from today I land back in the U.S. for good. I’m frantically getting ready–but I’ve also been incredibly busy making music, and have made some videos for Wall of Trophies which you can see on our page.

Oh yeah, and I got my Germany souvenir! The MFB Dominion 1 is a monophonic synth from Berlin-based MFB. I had to wait months for this… and I’ve already built it into about 10 tracks. It’s unreal.


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Wall of Trophies – Heliograph

January 18th, 2016

It’s been a long road (started this one in May 2014), but Brittany and I have finally wrapped up our next album, and first as Wall of Trophies. It’s called “Heliograph” and it will be released 29 January 2016 — more info and tunes at the band page:

Couldn’t be more excited for this one.


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End-of-Summer Playlist

October 13th, 2015

As you’re hanging on to the last of the heat, here’s the playlist I put out on the Wall of Trophies page for the summer:

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B:TON Brunnen

September 2nd, 2015

Last month I spent a few days in Brunnen, Switzerland alongside the Swiss VJ group Videokultur to do visuals for the B:TON Festival, which took place in an incredibly cool abandoned cement factory. In addition to helping with building and installing several pieces and projections, I showcased my piece Circles in one room and I recorded (then looped) a live visual set onsite. We projected the set onto one of the big walls. Pictures below:

My VJ set on wall

Brunnen was incredibly gorgeous

My new life motto… and a great VIP badge!

Working on Circles on my laptop next to its projection

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