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The Soundtrack(s)

December 3rd, 2013


The Soundtrack (the journal):
Cool surprise today to see my first published article as an artist in the new edition of The Soundtrack. I was asked to do a piece on my film Awakening. I wrote the article before the move to Germany. With such distance comes interesting perspective–reading it again was like reading the words of an old friend. And yes, I laughed at my own reference in the article. I guess I thought it was funny at the time, too?

So far, leafing through the journal has been very rewarding. Their description of it summarizes the content well:

The Soundtrack is a multi-disciplinary journal which brings together research in the area of music and sound in relation to film and other moving image media. A complex cultural, technological, industrial and artistic phenomenon, sound-with-moving image is a rich area for analysis, investigation and speculation. We encourage writing that is accessible to audiences from a diversity of intellectual backgrounds and disciplines as well as providing a forum for practitioners. The Soundtrack’s aim is to nurture this new and expanding area of academic investigation in dialogue with soundtrack producers of all kinds.”,id=146/

The Soundtrack (of experimentation):
Also pictured above are four Laser Jet toner refills. No, I don’t have a Laser Jet printer… I am attempting to DIY some ferrofluid. If you don’t know, ferrofluid is a magnetic liquid that is used in some really interesting fine art sculptures and (expensive) toys. A gallon of the stuff can run more than $500. My Laser Jet toner attempt could result in something not only cheaper but much more colorful. I will post the results on the website soon! I already have my neodymium (read: strongest things you’ve ever seen…I could barely separate them) magnets ready to go. I’m very intrigued with the possibilities of filming it for Digital Synthetic-like textures. Yes, calling this section “The Soundtrack (of experimentation)” was a bit of a stretch, but you may be laughing at me, so that works.

The Soundtrack (of my December):
Based on recommendation of my collaborator Brian Young, I’ve been obsessing over the production on the London Grammar album–this song is my favorite so far. Enough people have been writing about the band to the point that I don’t have much to add but to encourage you to listen:

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