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Binaural Recordings and Documentary Video of 4DSOUND

November 15th, 2014

Binaural recording is a special method of recording audio involving placing microphones in one’s ears or using fake “heads” with ears that hold the microphones. This specialized technique allows the microphones to capture sound just as human ears hear it. A listener, wearing headphones only, can then hear the sounds played back as if their own ears were in the space–allowing them to hear which things were in front of the listener, behind the listener, etc. It’s an imperfect science but artist Sero gave it a go at the 4DSOUND event. CDM has hosted the playlist–my performance with Ana and Shaun is track 4 “4D Will Bin.” Sero was not walking around the space, only in one place, but with a nice pair of headphones you can hopefully get a bit of the spaciality of the piece.

Also, Fiber has put out an excellent documentary of the piece. You can get a great idea of the system and the different performances that we gave during Amsterdam Dance Event. Check it out here:

4DSOUND Spatial Sound Hack Lab at ADE 2014 from FIBER on Vimeo.

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