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Attack Penguin Rocks Wedding Processional

November 23rd, 2014

Some of you may be familiar with my former band Attack Penguin, comprising me on drums and synth and Terry King (rest in peace, friend) on guitar and vocals. Well, Terry’s best friend growing up, Lauren Libera, got married this past weekend and wanted to incorporate his music into the wedding to honor him. So she asked me to adapt the Attack Penguin song “Keanu Reeves” to organ to use for her wedding processional.

Attack Penguin play “Keanu Reeves” live at the Black Cat in DC, 2006



Lauren specifically liked the intro to the song and was able to get an exception from the Catholic priest to use it for the procession. All cleared to go, except that:

    • I don’t have an organ
    • I can’t really write sheet music
    • The intro needed to become a 4-minute piece
    • Organists only have two hands and two feet

All surmountable things for Attack Penguin, of course. I used a virtual organ and started off by writing the main melody line and layering Terry’s beautiful, simple guitar intro. This got a little boring over four minutes, and wasn’t really utilizing the best part of an organ (the low drones you can wrangle out of sustained chords), so I added some deep, low chords in a few spots to really fill up the church. Building off those things made it easy—I finished it off with a couple of section changes and some melodies that were inspired by Terry—what I thought he would’ve written for the organ.

Writing the music always seems to be the easy part. I exported the song to some sheet music software and, well, it resembled Black MIDI (perfectly great digression: if you don’t know Black MIDI, you must. It’s like really fast metal music where musicians cram as many extremely fast notes as possible into a song, making the sheet almost black. But it’s all digital and with virtual instruments. We are talking THOUSANDS of notes per minute).

A great example of Black MIDI

Figuring the organist miiiiiight not want to figure that out, I spent quite a long time quantizing (moving every little note into exactly the right spot so that it would look right on the music staff) and getting my sheet music ready to go. I was really happy with the result, because I really think it captured Attack Penguin and Terry.

I’m very happy to share the full song, “March of the Attack Penguin,” here:

Here’s a page of what the final sheet music looked like (much more doable than Black MIDI):


And most importantly, here’s the video of the result:

March of the Attack Penguin from Will Copps on Vimeo.

Congratulations Lauren, and ACK ACK ATTACK!


2 responses to “Attack Penguin Rocks Wedding Processional”

  1. Em says:

    love it!!! so glad you got to do this.

  2. Chris King says:

    a beautiful labor of love for a beautiful bride! I hope it will be used for many weddings!

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