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Circles Launches; Woodprints for Sale

March 28th, 2015

My audio/visual installation Circles debuts today at the Georgia Museum of Art during Athens Slingshot Festival. To celebrate, I’m releasing a series of 8 woodprints of the piece out into the world for sale.

Each print is a custom digital image hand-transferred onto wildwood from Minnesota, then finished with a matte gel with strong, impressionistic-brushstrokes. Each is the culmination of about a month of on-and-off work.

The idea of the prints comes from the audio/visual installation, which is designed for viewers to interact with and create their own digital images. These images on the woodprints are my own interactions with the piece–generative and random.

I wanted to contrast the beauty and perfection of digital art with something tangible from nature, which is why I hand-transferred the pieces onto the wood. The spontaneity of the image breaks and tears from the process echoes the randomness in the piece. You can learn more about the audio/visual aspects here:

$100 per piece, including shipping. Each is about 16″ x 11″ and is preinstalled with a wire hanger.

Find the pieces for sale on my Facebook page.

(Already sold: Circles #2; Circles #3.)


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