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New Single – Rush/Release

August 4th, 2016

I’ve always loved three core parts of the “electronic” music scene: 1) lush forests of sounds to become eternally lost in; 2) hypnotic rhythms that drive your brain to new scenery; and 3) bright melodic work that sings throughout a composition and lifts your spirits. I certainly won’t claim to be the first to key on those ingredients, or the first to try to put them together. However, as I’ve recently gotten more and more practice at realizing them, I think I have accomplished something–finding a trichotomy that sounds, well… like me. For years, I’ve wondered what to do with my solo tracks–a dilemma that has found scores of them sitting eternally unreleased on my hard drive; but finally, now, I’m on a tear of songs that I’m excited to release.

With that, I share my first release under my own name–two quick tracks I hope you’ll enjoy. I release these with no cost, no set designs and no aspirations–but I certainly look forward to any feedback (if you’d like them on iTunes or Spotify for ease of access, for instance, I will work toward it). For now, stream and download them here–and, if they remind you of someone, I ask that you please pass along the link and share my sincere thanks for giving them a moment of your time.

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