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GameSoundCon 2018

October 14th, 2018

Not only got to attend my first GameSoundCon last week, but I had the incredible opportunity to speak on spatial sound applications for game design and augmented reality development! And what a week.

The conference was divided into about six different tracks at the Millenium Biltmore hotel in LA–which I’ll give a hearty “meh” review to for the rooms but had great conference spaces. [Side note: don’t bus from LAX to Union Station then walk through downtown LA at night. It is not, not not, not worth it.] I bounced around among the tracks, but spent most of my time focused on the VR/AR/MR audio talks. There are some incredible ideas floating around out there–many of which I hope to use for Year One and subsequent AR music work.

I got more exposure to Wwise than I could’ve imagined, got to test out some incredible Microsoft spatialization tech, and most importantly met an incredible amount of wonderful people (including losing my mind sitting next to Marty O’Donnell for an hour…) It was nice to meet so many people in the industry and build out partnerships for future work… I’ll refrain from mentioning folks by name here but suffice to say I am beyond excited to be working with some of these people and I’m already diving in on some new projects that have some real potential to be awesome! Life can just be nuts some times.

A huge thank you in particular to Brian Schmidt (GameSoundCon), Linda Gedemer (Source Sound VR), and Sally Kellaway (Microsoft Mixed Reality at Work) for inviting me to speak this year. If anyone is looking for my practical tips for spatial audio–or wants to hear more about my development experiences–please e-mail me here at

More info on my spatial sound apps, how-to guides, download links and more, as always, on the TCW page.

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