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Louder than Liftoff Silver Bullet

December 22nd, 2019

Finally got my first piece of dedicated mixing hardware–the much-hyped Louder than Liftoff Silver Bullet (in fact, I got the last one left in this latest production run!) What does it do? Well… a lot of stuff. It’s effectively a beautiful, switchable, gain-staged stereo preamp (emulating API/Neve circuitry) and dedicated EQ section. I’ve been using it as a preamp, certainly (more on that in a second), but most of the magic so far has been running stereo tracks–and my overarching mix–through its circuits.

I know terms like “wider” and “more analog” aren’t super helpful, but they’re really true here. Running a mix through the right combination of the API, the Neve, or one feeding the other has magnified my tracks to a point where I can’t imagine mixing without it again. Driving the circuits just a bit, and engaging wonderful low-end and high-end EQ, really has made everything pop with tons of depth. I thought driving the distortion would sound like a musical, Moog-esque overdrive/creative effect–it doesn’t–it’s a bit of a harsher distortion. But it’s a much better one for a mixing distortion that isn’t adding too much in the low/mids, like the Moog overdrive seems to do.

I have a Focusrite ISAOne preamp, and the quality jump in the preamps here is drastic. Something about the combination of the Neve preamp, in particular, and my voice makes everything just gel and vibe a little better. The Silver Bullet is taking over vocal duties from now on!

In short–I couldn’t be happier and don’t plan to record, mix or master without this thing ever again.

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