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CINESONIKA 3 Film Festival / Ireland Trip

February 20th, 2013


Me speaking at the CINESONIKA Film Directors Panel on 17 February 2013


I’ve been overseas once before, but that was only to Bermuda… so I don’t know what happened here… I only know that, at some point, Tuesday stopped and Wednesday started, then I was cruising around Dublin in the top of a double-decker bus in a major haze. How do some artists fly out for only a couple days to do festivals? Crazy. I ended up needing like 2-3 days to adjust.

Wagamamas + Ireland = awesome noodles
Oh my god is this place delicious. Look at Emily’s ramen! LEGIT.

Wagamamas + U.S. = Yes please.

Dublin Dubstep = A store that should exist but shouldn’t.
Seriously, every music store had Ableton Live in the window, and then an electronic music section worse than our Guitar Center (and yes, I even checked the Dublin “Guitar Centre”). What’s the deal? On the other hand, I went into some clothes stores with Emily, and the electronic music they were playing was awesome. It was the first time I’ve ever wanted her to clothes shop (so I could keep listening) and she didn’t want to…

Salmon Fish King Prawn Pie = Clump of shrimp and potatoes.
I was too tired to care.

Guinness = Yep.
Pretty good. Although I am so drawn to the darkest beers now that I felt it wasn’t quite dark enough here. Smooth, though.

Thursday (Valentine’s Day)

Amazing. Cathedral, Trinity College, the Book of Kells… and Emily and I did a quick photoshoot for me. Ta-da!

Did you all know the Jedi Academy in Star Wars was a CGI recreation of the Long Hall at Trinity College? What a gorgeous room. The only problem? 3/4 of the way through, the staircase down descends right into a gift shop. Total mood killer. This got me thinking about what a Jedi Academy gift shop would absolutely need to have: lightsabers, robes, and more lightsabers (I thought I’d get more creative, too…)

I made up for a terrible job of Valentine’s planning by buying Emily a really nice throw and taking her out for dinner and dessert. (Warning=”asian food” here apparently means “Irish food with soy sauce.”)

I also downed a thing of “Brown Sauce” having no idea what to expect. I guess the closest thing might be A-1 sauce? Emily took a picture of my reaction right after downing it… haha


Probably could’ve started better. I fumbled around my dark room 30 minutes early to allow me time to walk to the closest coffee shop before our bus to Derry (in Northern Ireland, where CINESONIKA was). When I asked the guy at the front desk where the closest coffee shop was, he laughed at me and said “it’s 4 o’clock! You won’t have any luck until 7!” “Well I’m catching a bus at 6” “Yeah, no.” It was 4:45. I don’t function well at 5 a.m. without coffee.

Then, of course, we got to the station at 5:45 (the station opens at 6)… first in line to get to our bus… first to the door to get to our bus…and the bus was already gone (what??) We freestyled a bit and took a bus to Belfast, and caught one from there to Derry.

Fortunately we were still on time for my film premiere at the CINESONIKA 3 Film Festival. It was great to finally meet the festival coordinators Dr. Adam Melvin and Michael Filimowicz. Michael did an interview about the festival with the BBC…it will only be up until this Thursday, here: at the 1:39.00 mark.

My piece showed alongside some other experimental pieces to kick off the festival. It was a really thought-provoking show… some highlights for me were Daniel Abad’s “Diary of Dreams: Volume 1” and Meghna Haldar’s “Bol (Speak!)” both wonderful pieces that really inspired me to do something different.

The Guinness was better here in the hotel… don’t tell the pub in Dublin!


What an incredible tour of Northern Ireland today. I learned a lot more about the political history, saw the coolest sites, and got a lot of great video for something I’m working on. Here are a few pictures:

Emily at Giant’s Causeway

Giant’s Causeway

Cool castle


I love this one

Derry – Londonderry (they can’t pick a name… political and dating back hundreds of years, like everything else here)


A nice touristy day of walking the walls (Derry’s original walls are still intact, surrounding the entire original city) and other things before the Cinesonika Film Directors panel. It was a great experience to be on the panel… the moderator definitely kept us all on our toes with some unique questions. This resulted in some interesting discussions… I had a fun time. Afterward, we headed to the Nerve Center to see Silence, an excellent feature film by Pat Collins (check out a preview here:

Next up for my film? The Athens Slingshot Festival on March 9. Woohoo!

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