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Duel of the Tiger (University of Missouri Grant/Trip)

March 31st, 2013

My workspace… I spent a lot of time here!

This past week I had the incredible opportunity to go to the University of Missouri on a grant to collaborate with artist Nathan Boyer on a new project. Nathan and I met in Boston last Fall when we both showed up at the Boston CyberArts Gallery with audio/visual pieces based around SONAR readingsā€¦ and of course set up right across from each other, messing up each other’s pieces (quick aside: for those who don’t know how SONAR works, it sends out a pulse and waits for it to return, using the timing to calculate distance. Well, both our pieces were pulsing on the same frequency at different rates, so they were causing a pseduo-moire pattern of readings and messing things up). We spent the next few hours putting a wall between our two pieces and talking about what we could do together by embracing the chaos caused by the dueling SONARs/computers.

A quick proposal and grant from the University of Missouri, and next thing you know I’m in Columbia testing it out.

So, yeah, after an hour of getting my custom-built PC into a suitcase, I found out Delta doesn’t let you check desktops. Then I spent 3 hours moving all the code to my laptop before I left!

Not only did I have an excellent time, but we got an incredible amount done–probably averaging somewhere between 12 and 14 hours of coding and designing a day. Late Saturday night we got the piece in a pretty great state and documented it for proposals. The piece itself is very stable and conveys just the sense of atmosphere we thought it would (and then some). It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before, and I’m incredibly excited about it. But we also built an incredibly strong coding infrastructure in PureData that we will be able to use to launch a ton of projects very easily. An incredible success, if you ask me.

You’ll be seeing a lot more about the project soon.

Toasted ravioli… because, you know, that’s a thing there.

Having fun figuring out IP stuff to connect our computers on our own network.

I wanted to buy this thing from the surplus store SO badly and turn it into a mega synth… or a giant fish tank… I have no idea what it is. I still regret not buying it.

Breakfast. Because this is what I do when I travel for trips… do things like this at breakfast.

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