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Past and Present Tense

September 22nd, 2013

the breeze scuttles up my arm
as she turns my hair just fine
astral thoughts colliding in my mind

The Internet long ago replaced my Saturday morning cartoons. Even as I have made an effort to focus on my art every single weekend morning, I find myself doing research and art correspondence on it while my audio and video renders finish. This past month without the Internet has led instead to a deep dive into my own file history. While quite a bit of the content is colored by nostalgia, I’ve also turned up a few parts of me buried under thousands of gigabytes of data—found poetry (above), old song demos (mostly awful), old friendships, and a bunch of field recordings. I’ve been keying a lot on those field recordings this month, incorporating various ones into audio tracks and finding a wealth of inspiration. My work carefully cutting them, EQing them, filtering them, effecting them… it’s brought me to the cusp of what I believe will finally be the music product I’ve wanted to release.

I find it fascinating that my work toward confluence of audio and video has led me to two huge projects that are based solely in a single medium—the album I described above and a series of tangible visual works. Yet I so clearly see the influence of my visual work on the album, and the influence of my audio on the visual pieces. I can’t wait to share them once they are a bit more fleshed out and hopefully ready for release early next year.


In significant news, I will be debuting my first audio/visual work with Brian Young later this week at the Media Rise Festival in DC, and then the week after at the Continuous Present Tense show at Tulsa Living Arts in Tulsa, OK.

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Brittany Jean Show – Big Hit!

December 5th, 2010

There were almost 170 people at the show on Friday. Very cool, especially for our third show! We made a ton of contacts and can’t wait to try to play there again soon.

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The Hanson Chronicles Part 2: The Opening

October 15th, 2010

So… that blog post about recording Brittany Jean for the Hanson contest? Well… our track won. We quickly assembled a band (Brittany on guitar/vox, Brian Young on bass, and me on drums), the show was promoted, and we had only a few practices before show time opening for Rooney and Hanson in front of 1000ish fans.

*Deep breath*

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